Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Daryl Dixon reviews

A second year of Walking Dead Wednesday, another Daryl Dixon.

I've already got more Walking Dead Mystery Minis than I'll be able to review this month, so rather than try to make this Daryl a standalone slot, it makes more sense to just append him to the end of last year's review - that way, anybody who clicks the link on our Reviews page will be taken to both Daryls!

The designs of the figures have really improved since last year. Series 2 Daryl looks much more like Norman Reedus than the Series 1 figure - the head is drastically larger than the old one, but the shape is better, which means the stylized eyes (the only facial feature to be found here) are better able to sell who this is supposed to be. He's got a painted goatee and mustache, and his hair is starting to look long and stupid.

This figure represents Daryl circa Season 3, when they were all hanging around the prison. His posture is much more defensive than it was on the first fig, with his body twisted to the side (to make him a smaller target) and his crossbow held in both hands. The sculpt on his outfit is ridiculous - not because it's bad, but because it's so darn good! If you look at pictures of the real costume, you'll see that he's wearing a black leather vest over a cloth jacket with leather sleeves over a cloth shirt, and this Mystery Mini duplicates all that. They even sculpted the two different collars folding together! That's nuts! Plus, they remembered the lacing on the side of his vest, and the red handkerchief in his pocket.

There were two versions of Daryl available, the 2:24 version covered in this review, and a 1:72 blood-splattered variant.

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