This week in comicshops - 11/20

Find out what toy-related items you can get at your local comicshop this Wednesday.

DC Comics Super-Villains Deathstroke Action Figure, $24.95
DC Comics The New 52 Super Heroes Vs Super-Villains Action Figure 7-Pack, $99.95
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe #8, $2.99

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #13, $3.99
Transformers Dark Cybertron #1 (Deluxe Edition), $7.99
Transformers More Than Meets The Eye #23 (Dark Cybertron Part 2 Of 12), $3.99

Captain Action Codename Action Action Figure Set, $19.99
Invincible Minimates Box Set, $19.99
Lone Ranger 7-Inch Series 2 Action Figure Assortment, AR
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Fate Testarossa Blaze Form Version Figma Action Figure , $59.99
Marvel Minimates Zombie Villains Set, $19.99
Marvel Select Classic Thor Action Figure, $24.99
Marvel Select Silver Surfer Action Figure, $24.99
Minecraft Core 3-Inch Creeper With Accessory, AR
Minecraft Core 3-Inch Enderman With Accessory, AR
Minecraft Core 3-Inch Steve With Accessory, AR
Minecraft Core 3-Inch Zombie With Accessory, AR
T2 T-800 Battle Damaged Edition HC Masterpiece Action Figure, AR
Thief Of Thieves Minimate Set, $19.99

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