Flippin' through Previews - September '14

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in November.

Transformers on the cover this month. Nice to see.

Legend of Korra fan? Get a plush Naga on page 71.

A lot of the DC comics this month have Lego variant covers. See them between pages 78 and 116.

Batman Arkham Knight is getting toys on page 148. Batman, Harley, the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow.

IDW's Transformers comics are on page 156-159, My Little Pony is on 162/3, and GI Joe is on 177.

There's a MLP Mini Collector's Guide on page 430, and it apparently comes with an exclusive Pony.

Page 467 has lots of Minimates: Buck Rogers, Kill Bill, and Godzilla.

NECA's Alien Queen is listed on page 474, and she's EXPENSIVE!

Also on 474, those Legends of Cthulhu Kickstarter figures are available.

Page 478 has a blue Diablo and a mad costly Voltron.

There's a MotU Trap-Jaw statue (animated style) on page 480.

Do you have $50 to spend on a 6" Batman? $100 to spend on a Bat-Pod bike? Page 500 is for you!

Page 504 has a Ghost in the Shell Figma, though why is Motoko wearing pants?

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