SDCC 2015 - Hasbro Marvel

Over the last year I've gotten back into Marvel Legends in a big way so this was one of my more anticipated panels for Comic Con 2015, and fortunately it didn't disappoint!

Saturday, July 11, 4:00pm, Room 25ABC. The panel consisted of:
Adam Biehl, VP, Global Marvel Line
Mike Breslin, Senior Director, Global Marvel Fan Line
Maalvika Mantripragada, Director, Marvel Brands
Jesse Falcon, Director of Hardlines, Marvel
Dwight Stall, Senior Marvel Product Design Manager
Bobby Vala, Marvel Product Designer

Hasbro has been sliding reveals out each day at their booth which ultimately means that there wasn't a whole lot left to reveal at the panel, but what was shown was really cool (new Onslaught!). Perenial favorite Jesse Falcon was on hand, and seemed to be more dominating of the panel than usual, continuing to blur what his actual involvement is.

(In an effort to get all this info to you as timely as possibly I present my notes to you here is rough form, please bear with the brevity)

This year they've done more exclusives than ever.

All sales for all categories are up.

Venom gets alt head, Ben Reilly gets alt "spider carnage" parts
Abomination will use BAF Rhino parts (but may not be released as a BAF...)
Hasbro's first Namor was bad so they're happy to be able to finally re-do him

"Red Onslaught" BAF will not come with an alternate Magneto head - there's no restriction against making X-Men toys, but they can't sell X-Characters in Avengers branded packaging.

Marvel Universe
Comic parks return
Lockjaw is coming

Probably going to see product from the netflix shows around 2017. Marvel doesn't have a lot of insight into the shows until they come out.

Jesse really wants to do a Peter Porker/Spider-Ham but the Marvel brand team is the holdup because they don't think he's a good representation of the brand

Will you make a figure of Son of Satan? Jesse: "You're asking me if we will release a toy called 'Son of Satan' to Walmart? No." Adam: "I guarantee you will never see us release a toy packaged under 'Son of Satan.'"

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