Time to start the teenage angst!

Thirteen years. That's how long we've been doing this.

It was August 20, 2002 that Poe announced to the world that the site he, Shocka, and yo had been working on for a few weeks was finally ready for the world.

In that time, we've posted 4,332 reviews, covering more than 6,500 figures - and that's not even counting everything covered in Rustin's nearly 200 Spoils of the Week! Each review is packed with more information than you can find anywhere else - no fill-in-the-blank, cookie-cutter reviews here. We've reviewed everything from the newest thing on shelves to the oldest thing in our toyboxes.

But we've also given you much more than that. Only at OAFEnet can you find Points of Articulation, the column that takes an in-depth look at issues affecting the toy industry, whether good or bad. You can get a laugh over in our Figuretoons, or argue the finer points of... well, pretty much anything on the Loafing Lounge. OAFEnet is your one-stop source for online action figure entertainment, and your #1 source for toy reviews.

But it wouldn't be possible without all of you coming here and reading us every day. Well, it would be possible, it would just be pointless: we'd still have the best reviews anywhere, but without you as our audience, we'd just be shouting into the void. OAFE isn't just five reviewers, it's your site too.

The biggest change we made this year is one that feels minor - a realignment of our Reviews page that will hopefully make finding TV, movie, comic, and game figures easier. If we did it right, you didn't even notice anything was different. We're continuing to update the photos in the old reviews (currently working our way through the middle of 2003) and re-adding old blogs. Hopefully we'll get that finished for you before we change our minds about what "updated" means.

On the blog you'll find a surprising number of videos, plus Part 1 of a Spoils so big that Rustin is splitting it in half! It's our birthday, but you're getting the gifts!

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4 Responses to Time to start the teenage angst!

  1. prfkttear says:

    Congrats on thirteen years!!!

  2. Wolf says:

    Happy birthday guys!

  3. I've been following y'all for maybe nine of those thirteen years. Thanks for making enriching my life through the work you do! Happy birthday!!!

  4. Friginator says:


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