Rustin's Spoils of the Week #171, Part 2

So we previously/recently looked at the first half of this insane, week-after-SDCC spending spree I went on, so now... let's finish it up with the stunning conclusion! So much of this half is stuff I'd been waiting on getting but was on such a high from finding new stuff, full sets and great discounts that I just kept buying and buying and buying.

Hasbro - Ant-Man: Ant-Man & Anthony
Ant-ManThe Ant-man figure is really nice - exactly what we've come to expect from fully articulated 4" Hasbro figures. The sculpt and paint are really good (and no visible mouth like on the Legend), and I quite like the bright red here. Articulation is reasonable, from the waist down it's great but south of the shoulders the arms only have an elbow - the lack of swivel wrists is especially annoying since he comes with a "vehicle." The ant is a fun idea but literally literally falls apart in practice. The problem is that his head and legs are all attached by balljoints, but whoever engineered this like made the sockets too shallow and/or included NO "neck" next to the balls so in effect they all pop out simply by just touching them. It's annoying and frustrating as heck. Ant-thony lacks the saddle seen on the posters and in the movie; I imagine it's a victim on not being added early enough for the toy's necessary lead time, but without it Ant-Man really can't sit very well at all. Ultimately this is just a $20 4" figure, with a big chunk of plastic for the accessory bin.

Hasbro - Star Wars Black: Bossk
BosskUnlike most people, it seems, I was never all that crazy about the bounty hunters so I do feel like this is a "wasted spot" when we're still missing characters like 3PO and Ben Kenobi, but Bossk certainly is the coolest looking non-Fett bounty hunter and lots of folks are really happy to get this figure. I was on such a high from my other scores this week I went ahead and got him, and I'm pretty happy I did. The sculpt is really good and the paint is solid. As always, the lack of double-jointed elbows is frustrating and the use of double-jointed knees is annoying since the thigh-loops limit a lot of his poseability. The gun is a surprisingly soft sculpt and it's kind of frustrating trying to get him to hold it in a neat way - alternate/interchangeable hands would have been much appreciated.

Hasbro - Star Wars, Mission Series: Leia & Stormtrooper Disguise Luke
Luke and LeiaI'm generally into the 5POA Star Wars figures - they're something new and "different" and really put the focus on sculpt. I'd been eyeing this set for a while but finally got it just cause I was getting so much else. It's awfully bland, thanks to the overwhelming white. I'm pretty sure Leia came with a Stormtrooper blaster which I've subsequently lost. We really did need an update to ANH Leia and this is pretty good, I just wish her dress-legs weren't so V-ed.

Hasbro - Star Wars, Mission Series (Rebels): Hera Syndulla & Stormtrooper Commander
Hera and SandtrooperNow Hera is just a cool looking design. Really, really nice colors that combine well, plus I'm a sucker for flight suits. Her proportions are weird but that's just the aesthetic of the show. The paint is pretty sloppy on this one, but for a $5 figure it's not ruining my life. The Stormtrooper Commander has proven to be a bit of a Pandora's Box for me, making me re-evaluate my relationship with Stormtroopers and their chain of command. To me, the pauldrons have always been exclusively "Sandtrooper" (since that's the only time we see them) but the idea that regular troopers would wear them to denote rank... well that's a complicated pill for me to swallow. Still, it's better than having silly paint stripes or pointlessly elaborate patterning like the "we need cheap'n'easy repaint fodder" Clones.

Hasbro - Star Wars, Mission Series (Rebels): Stormtrooper & TIE Fighter Pilot
more junkI've gotten both of these Rebels figures on individual cards (read: Stormtrooper & TIE Fighter Pilot) but being a fan of battle builders I couldn't pass up getting both sets on hand of this perfect two-pack. There should be a set like this in every case! I love dioramas and, if nothing else, this 5POA style is perfect for "Imperial Inspection" figures, all lined up in front of the shuttle, etc. And here we get two perfect armybuilders for that? Love it! I really, really hope they do this for the live-action figures too!

Hasbro - Star Wars, Saga Legends: Han Solo (Endor)
Han SoloContinuing the trend of figures that need updates we get Endor Han, and I really dig him in this style, with a fully sculpted coat! You know if they did him articulated we'd get saddled with another awful softgoods coat, so this is most welcome. The wide-legged stance is a bit odd but I get it from a production standpoint. The headsculpt isn't the greatest but Han/Harrison is infamously tough in any scale.

Hasbro - Star Wars, Saga Legends: Luke Skywalker (Endor)
LukeAll of the Endor versions of the heroes have been conspicuously absent of late so this updates are much welcome. However, is there ever was a figure that was justified to use softgoods with it'd be Endor Luke & Leia since these are just ponchos. The sculpt is really nice, I love all the wrinkles and cuts through the "loincloth" parts. The only really issue for me with this figure is the very odd angle at which he holds his (oddly large-hilted) lightsaber.

Hasbro - Star Wars, Saga Legends: Princess Leia (Endor)
LeiaMuch like Luke, we desperately needed an update of this costume and going the softgoods route would be both warranted and probably preferred, but I like the sculpt so much here. As This is how you do 5POA figures - make up for the tight budget in sculpt. I know these aren't for everybody, and the backlash is pretty much Hasbro's own fault for going so far down the articulation path before taking this very hard left, but as someone who is thoroughly burnt out on Star Wars toys I'm finding these a fun, new aesthetic and a much more enjoyable purchase than yet another "just different enough" version of Luke or Vader.

Lego - Chima: Crocodile Tribe Pack
ChimaI love me some Croc's and Target had this set on clearance, so baddabing baddaboom! The build is pretty useless and while I appreciate the croc-head-ish-ness of the disc launcher I don't get why the "legs" are free floating. The vinyl flag is neat and should be fun to get a couple of. The real star here, though, are the awesome minifigures and all three turned out super, super cool. I definitely have to get a couple more of this set - it's just too fun! And, this format is exactly what Lego should have done for Lord of the Rings!!! A generic army set for the Uruk Hai's would have ruled! And for the elves, Rohirrim, Gondorians, Dead Army, etc. etc. etc.!

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Azrael & Skyfire Dragon
AzraelWalmart had this entire line on clearance for $5/each. That is exactly what these figures are worth, so... all in! Azrael, a costume I have a very weak spot for, is identical to the previously released version but without the "cape wings." He now comes with a flat pair of gold wings that unplug from him and plug into his techno-dragon buddy. They look fairly good on Az but not so much on the Dragon since they are pretty much two-dimensional. They plug into the Dragon easily but are a pain to attach to Az between their gummy plastic and his angled pegholes. The Dragon, though, does look damn cool (if a bit too Bay-Transformers-y).

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Batman & Shock Shark
Shark BatmanMan, I love that techno-Rhino and now there's a techno-shark! This is just crazy, stupid fun! I really like the look of the shark and the pearlescent blue head. It pops off to reveal... something. A missile? A spear? A gun? A spear gun? Batman is a fun aqua color scheme with a translucent blue vinyl cape. It's... an interesting choice, to be sure. This is definitely my second favorite set after the Rhino one.

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Batman & Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw BatmanAgain, just goofy, silly fun! This is actually a fairly neat ninja-y Batman; this figures actually have a fun bit of nostalgia for me, being reminiscent of the weird old '90s Kenner lines like Legends of the Dark Knight. The Tiger is really a beautiful sculpt but it's super strange that his removable orange gear isn't an accessory for Batmanja or anything. Also - someone's gotta repaint that into Battle Cat!

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Robin & Blaster Hawk
RobinI really dig this variation on Tim Drake's costume, aka the best Robin costume. He comes with a techno bird that doesn't attach to him or anything... his feet fit on the back but don't hold there so there isn't much play value if that's meant to be a vehicle. He also comes with a gun thingy that does plug into the Hawk's underside, because.

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Hyper Hammer Joker
JokerI certainly don't hate this "hip and urban" redesign of Joker as much as I do most of Mattel's recent attempts. He's fine within the context of this line and I do appreciate the colors. The hammer is... pretty useless though. For $5 bucks, though, I'm into it as a piece of the collection.

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Wingforce Man-Bat
Man-BatThis is easily the coolest figure in the entire line since it takes the least liberties with the character. It's just a nice, stylized Man-Bat! His "weapons" are just translucent wings that clip on to his arms... They aren't as fun as the techno-animals but do help complete the look of the character.

Mattel - Batman Unlimited: Blade Attack Scarecrow
ScarecrowMuch like Joker, this is a fun redesign given the nonsense of the line. The lime green skin really pops on shelf. His translucent neon green scythe, though... It's just too weird. Too big, and too translucent. But, again, $5 - I'm happy.

Mattel - Hotwheels: Batmobile
BatmobileI'd previously found the blue variant [] of this Batmobile from Batman: The Bold & The Brave but this black and red version is much neater. It's definitely much more accurate to the show, but I actually quite dig the added red striping - it adds some nice character to the design and helps it pop.

Mattel - Hotwheels: Loopster
LoopsterYou're telling me there's a Hot Wheels Rollercoaster car!?!?! I'd never even heard of this car before accidentally stumbling upon it sifting through one of those big cardboard bins at Walmart! Then, after finding the red one, the blue one was right over on the pegs in the normal section! The car has a horizontal clip on the front and a vertical one on the back allowing you to connect together a whole chain! Apparently these are the only two colors yet released and there are versions with all four riders having their arms down or this one, with one guy (or girl) seeking some thrills with arms a'raised. Given how hard Mattel pushes tracks and playsets this is such an obvious gag - I gotta get some more of these to build a proper train and maybe even some track to construct my own coaster!

NECA - Alien: Ellen Ripley, Jumpsuit
RipleyThe figure turned out perfectly (given NECA's aesthetic, et al). The likeness is really, really good. It's a little lost under thick paint but you can definitely tell it's 30-year-old Sigourney Weaver. The figure is equally well sculpted, and really nicely painted. She has all the articulation you'd expect from modern NECA including a mid-torso balljoint, a fantastic improvement over Bishop's "interior articulation." Ellen comes with a flamethrower and a Jonesy. The gun looks great, though it did take a bit more effort than I expected to get her to hold it in a way that looked natural (partly due to the oddly sized shoulder strap, but I think that is accurate to the movie). Jonesy is damn cute and surprising, wonderful inclusion. He's sculpted and painted quite well for his size, and even gets a swivel tail and balljointed head! The only bummer is that his little legs got wrapped a bit in the package so it's kinda tough to keep him standing. Still though, this is 110% the release we've been waiting for and dreaming of - thank you NECA!!!

Playmobil - Dragons: Black Dragon Foil Bag
Black DragonToys R Us had all Playmobil Foil Bags on "buy one get one half off" and I wanted the blue dragon, so... here we are. I really kind of hate everything about the Dragons theme - it's just way too fantastical for my tastes. Buuut I do love dragons, so - on discount it works out. The soldier guy is neat, though, again, too "Fantasy" for me but he does get some nice weapons. The Dragon is kind of fun - he's fully articulated (for Playmobil) and the arms are the same dimensions of a figures so the wrist and shoulder armor can be used for them too.

Playmobil - Dragons: Blue Dragon Foil Bag
Blue DragonI'd seen someone pair this dragon with the "ice wizard" in Fi?ures series 8 and really dug that idea so I wanted to track one down for myself (much like the not-Elsa princess. He's pretty neat, and the gold armor looks nice (but the main reason, other than the sale, for getting the Black Dragon was to put his silver armor on this guy for a colder look). The four dragons in this range are all the same sculpt but there are two different chest/back pieces: plates/ridges as seen here and scales/armor as on the black one. I like this soldier better, too, he's at least semi plausible for history. I dig his sword, though the sculpted tassels mean it only looks good on his belt, and I LOVE the flag/standard piece. All things considered, this is a fine set for what this series is.

Playmobil - Fi?ures: Confederate Soldier
Confederate soldiersThis guy proved impossible to find when I was over in Europe this spring, thanks to his obvious armybuilder-ness, but fortunately for me I found a fresh case at two different TRUs and now, oh yes now, I have my army! I'm not terribly crazy about the red hat, collars and cuffs as that's not what comes to mind when I think "Confederate" (and especially since they just did the Union soldiers with red accents too!), but what are ya gonna do? He's a nice figure, simple but nice. And a heads up to fellow "whisper-ers" he comes with an unannounced, never-shown sword - so that was throwing me off a lot as I originally felt through the

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7 Responses to Rustin's Spoils of the Week #171, Part 2

  1. yo go re says:

    Those roller coaster cars are clever. They'd definitely make me want some track to run them down...

  2. Soundwinder says:

    The tiger's mask becomes a really lame claw for Batman. It's on the cardback.

    Said it a hundred times, I'll say it again... I really love the AzBats suit.

  3. Some Dude says:

    Red trim was used for artillerymen back in the Civil War days. Not sure what they are going for, but then CSA uniforms were not, well, uniform, due to supply issues.

    IIRC that Leia and Luke two pack only comes with one blaster because Hasbro is cheap.
    (enjoy the $10 two-packs, because on Force Friday the new ones will be $15)

    "Sandtroopers" are an expanded universe interpretation of imperial forces. In the media of the day, they were merely Stormtroopers (in fact the first filmed stormtroopers) , likewise "snow troopers" were "Imperial Stormtroopers in Hoth Gear". Also, IIRC, NO ONE even making the movie knew what the ranks of the desert stormtroopers were. The ranks were also a product of post-film EU.

    Not saying you're wrong. I'm saying a whole lot of people are wrong.

    Some EU sources listed the stormtroopers are a special branch of the Empire that supports the army and navy. There's a whole imperial army out there, whose soldiers look like AT-ST drivers and/or AT-AT commanders (the navy are Death Star troopers, officers, crewman). But this is apparently out of favor, and stormtroopers are apparently considered the army.

  4. justme says:

    The red kepi from the confederate soldier was used for a short time at the beginning of the civil war. It was for a leuitenant of the artillery. so it's a correct kepi. they also had full yellow kepi's for the colonel for the confederate cavalry.
    In an earlier post, you mentioned the strange uniform of one of the 3 union soldiers, I googled it and that uniform belongs to the musician from the union army e.g. the drummer or trumpetist. link:

    • Rustin Parr says:

      Thanks, "justme," thanks for your research and update! I generally get more in to the toys than the context so I appreciate this. It seems to me that as an artillery soldier I probably didn't need to amass as many as I did, alas. The JPG you linked to is also really cool/helpful. Though the gray & yellow uniform is what's most prominent in my mind it looks like the gray & blue Private, Infantry is what I want the most of - so here's hoping they eventually release that (or maybe I just need to track down a bunch of blue cuffs, collars and caps). Anyway, thanks again - much appreciated!

      • Boot Hill says:

        Can we have more Spoils soon? It'll give us more chances to learn cool things about the Civil War.

      • justme says:

        Hello Rustin,
        Well, what you said above, we did. online bought a bunch of the blue collars and at playmobil direct the cuffs, and tada there was the grey blue army. no blue legs however, but we don´t mind, it looks really great. we also made some grey/reds and grey yellows and also including a bunch of southern flags. funny to look at and even with 2 drummers cavalry. If you are interested, we can send you some pics of them.

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