Avengers 2 Movie Series Hulkbuster BAF addendum

In today's review of the BAF Age of Ultron Hulkbuster, yo besmirched its paint apps. Here, for a comparison, is Hot Toys' version:

Now clearly a Hot Toys release that costs nearly a thousand dollars is going to be better detailed than a Hasbro release we got for free by buying other figures, but we accept that Hot Toys' is truer to what the toy should look like, and offer it as a rough guide for customizers looking to improve their figure.

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3 Responses to Avengers 2 Movie Series Hulkbuster BAF addendum

  1. Or even the $250 Bandai Figuarts one

  2. Friginator says:

    Is anyone really under the impression that BaFs are free? Because for me, this toy costs about $140 new, or about $90 for a used one on eBay.

  3. Aquabuddha says:

    I repainted mine and it looks a thousand times better, especially the back. Obviously not Hot Toys level of quality, but definitely worth doing if you have the patience and time.

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