Flippin' through Previews - December '15

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in February.

DC's He-Man comic is listed on page 108.

Their toy section begins on page 133, with Static, then continues on 134 with a series of Darwyn Cooke-designed figures: Batman, Harley Quinn, Adam Strange and Supergirl.

IDW is doing a GI Joe vs. Street Fighter comic! Get it on page 142. The Transformers comics are on 146-8, GI Joe is on 148/9, Jem is on 164/5, and My Little Pony is on 166.

Page 224 has McToys' Walking Dead and NBA things.

We then skip to the back, where DST has an exclusive I Zombie figure on page 460, right above some new Back to the Future III Minimates.

Page 461 offers more Minimates, based on The Muppets and X-Files.

Mezco's $80 DKR Mutant Leader figure is available on page 472.

And there are Doctor Who figures on page 476, along with a Gothitropolis raven.

Page 482 has NECA's deluxe Bat Gremlin and Ultimate Jason figures.

Remember the I Am Elemental Kickstarter? Their figures are available on page 486. So is a 1/6-scale TMNT Leonardo.

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