Minimate Mini-Review #276 - Iron Spider-Man & Spider-Gwen

#276 - Iron Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen

The America of the Warzone is split over superhero registration. Once allied with Iron Man, Spider-Man has given up his armor and gone over to Cap's side.

Geeze, can you believe it's been seven and a half years since the Civil War Minimates came out? This is only one of two Iron Spideys we'll be getting in short order - the other will be animated style, and be a Walgreens exclusive. Since this one is based on the comics, it's metallic red, already giving it a leg up on the one from years ago. Another big point in its favor? This time it includes the waldoes! Yes, three mechanical arms jut out of his back. They're detailed nicely, and can be removed from the purpose-designed backpack easily. You can also get the backpack off if you want, but why would you want? Rather than a removable mask, this time Pete has an alternate head. It's a good choice, because it keeps Spider-Man's head slim.

In an alternate New York City in the domain of Arachnia, Gwen Stacy has the powers of a spider, but few memories of her old life.

Given the differences in their production schedule, it's not often that Marvel Legends will beat Minimates to the punch when it comes to introducing a new character. Yes, this Spider-Gwen Minimate was first announced at NYCC, after the Legend was shown at SDCC, but it was still a race to see which would hit shelves first. Hasbro gets the win, but only by a few weeks. Her black and white costume looks good in Minimate form, though they seem to have switched the apps for her upper and lower arms: the red web sections should be more above the elbow than below. It should also be more pink than red. The eyes attempt to duplicate the airbrushed look, but there's only so much that can be done with a tampograph. Her hood is entirely new - you can tell, because the web pattern on the inside is sculpted! The set also includes one of the "flip" waist stands that can be used by either figure, and a webline rolled up behind Gwen.

But that's not all! Gwensday comes with extra pieces to turn her into a plain civilian. We haven't gotten a comic-based Gwen Stacy since Marvel Minimates Series 4, which was way back when. There are a few movie versions, but this is a needed update. The figure comes with a green jacket and arms, a purple skirt, and a second unmasked head (which, thankfully, won't fit under the hood with hair on it).

This set is part of TЯU Series 21, which is just starting to ship. The other two sets are also available in Series 64, which is based on various Secret Wars tie-in comics.

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4 Responses to Minimate Mini-Review #276 - Iron Spider-Man & Spider-Gwen

  1. Black Arbor says:

    So this is the second time you've mentioned that fan artists need to learn to stop drawing her unmasked with her hood up... Is there something wrong with that? I equate it with all the official Marvel art of Miles Morales with his mask up, ie something fun that has no bearing on the story 🙂

    • yo go re says:

      Yeah, it's just a stupid pet-peeve. 🙂 I think her mask is super cool, with its airbrushed eyes, so drawing her without it defeats a big purpose of the costume, you know? It's not a problem drawing her unmasked, because obviously the mask isn't glued to her face like Baron Zemo, just the specific combo of "mask off hood up." If you want to draw a Gwen head, draw a Gwen head...

      • Black Arbor says:

        Good point! 😀 I suppose I'm just used to seeing superheroes unmasked 'cause of all the Marvel movie posters, haha...

  2. Pink Parademon says:

    I think she looks cute with the hood up!

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