Captain Phasma addendum: Star Wars' mic drop

Today we reviewed Captain Phasma, whose popularity has more to do with a cool design than anything she actually did on-screen. But unsurprisingly, there was at least one stunted man-child who never liked her at all.

Last August, the official Star Wars Facebook page posted info about an art contest, showcasing an image of Phasma by Seth Groves:

Some MRA-in-the-making named Cody Paul was not impressed: "Not to be sexist, but it's really hard to tell that's female armor for me." Whoever was running the account was ready to deal with the dumbness:

And boom goes the dynamite.

Cody may be an idiot, but he wasn't alone. For instance, here's mental superstar Kale Dolfin, bringing the "all lives matter" point of view to the argument:

She doesn't, dumbass. Phasma doesn't "have" to be female any more than Rey "has" to be female or Han Solo "has" to be male. That's the entire point, you 1950s chucklefuck. Unless the plot involves standing up to pee, no character "has" to be male, and unless the plot involves menstruation, no character "has" to be female. Captain Phasma is female for exactly one reason: that's what she is. Asking why she has to be female is as astoundingly dense as asking why Finn has to be black, with the only difference being that the people who would hold that point of view are smart enough to know that they need to stick to their hateful little Subreddit enclaves.

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8 Responses to Captain Phasma addendum: Star Wars' mic drop

  1. Aries0083 says:

    "Well actually, it's about ethics in space armor."

  2. Soundwinder says:

    "whose popularity has more to do with a cool design than anything she actually did on-screen" ... so she is the new Boba Fett.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Social Justice Warrior Feminist Propaganda written by a brainwashed white knight mangina beta-male.

    • yo go re says:

      Hey look, Commissioner Gordon turned on the Sad Lonely Loser Signal, and Dumbfuckman raced to the scene! Watch him throw his trilby-rang in between pulling fistfuls of Flamin' Hot Cheetos out of his utility skort!

  4. Kale Dolfin says:

    Imagine my amusement at finding this blog entry nearly a year later after the hype over the awful Force Awakens has worn off.

    The point I was making, which escaped intellectually vacant SJWs, was that men and women have different physiology. Anyone who has taken a simple life drawing class understands this remedial difference. A difference in physicality, would demand a difference in design.

    For instance, a man would find it difficult to wear skinny pants designed for a girl, who in most cases has no nads. A man needs a bit more room in the crotch area, to accommodate external genitalia. That's not a sexist and/or misogynist thing. That's a geometry thing.

    Furthermore, if Phasma or Rey don't "have" to be female, then why did SJWs screech demands for equal representation for months before the film was released? Doesn't the very concept of equal representation demand a percentage of genitalia presence? In other words, if they don't have to be, then why do they have to be?

    It seems that the producers wanted us to marvel at the equally represented females in the cast while simultaneously demanding that we ignore Phasma's swiveling hips. Or maybe they just wanted all praise and are using the pretense of sexism and/or misogyny to silence criticism. I'm guessing the latter.

    Incidentally, the Finn/black man issue that you're shoehorning into this discussion is purely imaginary.


    • tahukanuva says:

      "Local Idiot Googles Own Name, Takes Umbrage with Toy Website"

      • yo go re says:

        Googles own name, drills down to, like, page five, and picks the least important site around to get mad at.

        Also, what is it with misogynists being unable to parse sentence transitions? First those Gamergate morons, and now this. It's not "shoehorning" something when that thing is directly related...

  5. Jesterfry says:

    There was an "awful" Force Awakens? That's weird. You should have gone to see the good one, like everyone else did. They showed it in theatres and then released it on home video, so it was quite easy to find.

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