Lego Batman Minifigures: Commissioner Gordon review

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Jim Gordon has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting the people of Gotham City. Starting as a simple beat cop, he worked his way up to detective, and finally to Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. After a long and celebrated career of cooperation with the city's top superhero, Jim is finally ready to retire and go on a South African jungle safari but he feels confident in leaving the job in his daughter's capable hands.

Figure #7 on the checklist, Commissioner Gordon can be squeeze-identified by his accessories: a 2x2 flat block and a radio. The flat block is a wanted poster with a greyscale image of The Joker (with red for the "WANTED" and his big smile). Batman's BFF is appropriately dishevelled, looking like he's been sleeping in his office: his grey vest is open, his shirt is rumpled and his tie loose, and there's even some easy-to-miss stubble painted on his chin. He's printed with a brown shoulder holster that goes across his back, and the belt he's wearing has a little GCPD badge dangling from it. Like Batgirl, his skin is darker than the average Lego Minifigure, adding some visual variety to Lego Gotham.

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