Lego Batman Minifigures: Zodiac Master review

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With a costume covered in astrological symbols, the mystical Zodiac Master had a reputation for being able to foresee disastrous events before they happened. Crooks paid him to predict whether their next caper would succeed or fail... until Batman proved that the Zodiac Master was sneakily creating the very events that he was predicting!

Nobody knows who Zodiac Master is. He was created for 1964's Detective Comics #323 by Dave Wood and Sheldon Moldoff, and this minifigure creates his idiotic costume well. It's a powder blue bodysuit with gold astrology symbols stamped all over it. There's a big Z on his forehead and curlicues around the eyes. He gets two zodiac-themed accessories: a fish and a crab, both molded in silver. Is that how his powers will work in the movie? Ask me again after it opens in Australia. I'm certain he's going to have a large, major role in the plot.

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