Lego Batman Minifigures: King Tut review

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King Tut was a simple Egyptologist until an accident left him convinced that he was the genuine ruler of ancient Egypt. His pyramid-themed riddles and robberies have confounded Gotham City's police on many occasions, but Batman's superb knowledge of history and archaeology have helped the Dark Knight foil the phoney [sic] pharaoh's schemes every time!

Look, it's the only TV villain anyone can remember. Other than the use of a Lego headdress, this doesn't really look much like the 1960s King Tut, but unless Mattel remembers they're allowed to make Batman TV show figures, this is the only toy he's ever going to get. Being maroon, gold, and white does make him as close as possible, though. He gets a cloth cape, and the tampos for the rest of his robes are complex. Tut carries a golden snake staff that would be perfect for Cobra Commander, and a wiggly green snake. Even outside of DC/Batman, this is just a good ancient Egyptian minifigure.

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