Science Fiction Mystery Minis - Bender & Dr. Zoidberg reviews

Need an exclusive? Why not Zoidberg!

Dr. John Zoidberg dreamed of being a comedian, like his uncle Harold, but he gave it all up to make his parents proud by pursuing his doctorate. Unfortunately, it was a doctorate in art history, not medicine, though that's never stopped him from practicing medicine. He's Professor Farnsworth's oldest friend, the two having met on a trip to Neptune's moon Triton in 2927. Despite his lack of real medical training, he seems very good at reattaching bodyparts - possibly because he gets a lot of practice at it, after accidentally severing them himself. He does seem to know a lot about alien physiology, it's just humans he has trouble with. And robots. And genders.

Zoidberg is a friendly fellow, so this Mystery Mini shows him smiling and waving. Sure, you can't see the particular shape of his mouth behind his tentacles, but you can see his cheeks, and the way they're bulging. His left claw is held in front of his belly, while his right claw is up in the air. He's wearing his labcoat and scrubs, and has sandals on his feet (because those are claws just like his hands are). The coat has sculpted buttons and a pocket on the right side. The colors are a bit more pastel on the toy than in the cartoon, but it's not distractingly weird or anything. Not the way having Matt Groening's signature in dark dark black on the bottom of the foot is.

Dr. Zoidberg was a Hot Topic exclusive for Science Fiction Mystery Minis Series 2, and although he was apparently available in a 1:6 ratio, I didn't expect to ever be able to find him. But one day I was at the store, and they had a case with only two boxes left in it. I decided to take a chance, and got both Zoidberg and Leeloo Dallas! Like I say, sometimes the toy gods smile on you.

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  1. Soundwinder says:

    That labcoat is uncomfortably tan. Like, it's never white, but that's a shade of brown.

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