Mattel to lose DC license

It's a pre-Christmas miracle!

Yesterday, Spinmaster sent out a press release announcing a three-year license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, to begin in 2020.

Spinmaster makes a lot of toys for young kids, like Bakugan or Paw Patrol, but will now be the licensee for DC remote control vehicles, water toys, games and puzzles, and most relevant to our interests, "boy's action" categories.

Mattel will actually hold onto preschool and girls' toys licenses, which means Imaginext and Superhero Girls should probably be safe? But either way, 2019 is going to be the final year for... whatever Mattel is calling the 6" Marvel Legends-style figures this week.

Mattel's stock fell to a new 18-year low on the news, though the article points out that Hasbro's current Marvel and Star Wars licenses also expire in 2020, and that Mattel will surely be looking to pick up some new licenses.

If nothing else, let us at least hope that Spinmaster is better at getting their toys onto shelves than Mattel ever was.

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