Transformers BotBots factions

We'll soon be taking a look at some of Hasbro's new Transformers BotBots, so perhaps a little more information will be helpful. We've already given you the codes to find them, but what will you be finding?

Not long ago and somewhere nearby... a shopping mall was closed for the night, when a strange glowing mist, filled with Transformers energy known as Energon, came down from the sky and covered the mall. When the Energon hit objects inside, they came to life as mischievous little Transformers robots. These robots hide in plain sight at the mall, disguised as the stuff we use everyday.

Note how the mall looks like Optimus Prime: the different wings of the building look like his window-boobs, while the roof looks like his head-crest. Does that mean there's an outlet mall on the other side of town that looks like Megatron?

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