Velocitron Speedia 500 Part 2

Part 1 started the race, and now it's up to Part 2 to finish it:

Vision-Impaired Transcript:

Page 1
  • Panel 1: Picking up right where Part 1 left off, Scourge drops his trailer with a mighty "SPOOM!" and crashes into Road Hauler, shoving him off the road. Cosmos watches from the sky, with drops of anime panic sweat flying off him.

    Cosmos: As our heated race continues, something serious is happening!
    Cosmos: Scourge, the evil Decepticon who scanned Optimus Prime, has slammed the other racers and jumped to the top!
    Road Hauler: Yow!
    Scourge: Who can invade this planet and conquer its little race course? The winner is me!

  • Panel 2: A black and white police racer car races past the smoking Road Hauler with lights flashing and gun blasting, and a woman with pink-tipped ponytails sitting behind the wheel.

    Cosmos: Don't worry, folks! The safety squad are here to protect the track. Cybertron police-bot Clampdown and Earth policewoman Miko Tezuka are catching up with Scourge as we speak!
    Road Hauler: *grumble*
    Clampdown: I'm going to arrest you! Let's get him, Miko!
    Miko: Yeah! Don't be a troublemaker, guy!!

  • Panel 3: We look down from above as Cosmos hovers near the finish line. The stands are absolutely filled with Transformers all watching the race and cheering loudly.

    Cosmos: The race is nearly over! We're at the finish line! Will Scourge win?!
    Cosmos: This is just the worst! I'd better get my flag gun ready...

  • Panel 4: A red and white car, glowing with mighty pink energy, rushes through all the other racers.

    Cosmos: But no! Former champion, Override, is tearing up from behind with her turbo boost! Who will win the championship?
    Road Hauler: *small and exhausted, in the rear of the pack* I think I can, I think I can...
    Override: It... has to be me!!

Page 2
  • Panel 1: Override crosses the finish line, transforming to her robot mode and sliding to a stop on her feet. Cosmos transforms to wave the checked flag, and Clampdown and Scourge change modes as well, staring at Override. Confetti falls from the sky.

    Road Hauler: But my bridge...
    Road Rocket: Sad ninja.
    Dia/Burnout: I even took a shortcut!
    Blurr: Great race!
    Cosmos: Goal! The winner is the hometown hero, Velocitron's own Override! Scourge looks unhappy with the result, but the racers will never stop! The race on planet Velocitron will always be run again. There's still more to come! Ready... set... go!!
    Caption: to be next stage


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