Zombie Lab - chapter 5

Chapter 5

There was a restaurant on the street of Tower 101. The staircase of the restaurant’s rooftop connected to the 3rd floor garden podium of Tower 101.

Olivia and Ashley escaped to the street where Tower 101 was 50 minutes into the zombie outbreak. Near the main entrance of Tower 101 was a group of zombies fighting over human corpses.

They knew this wasn't the right way, so they decided to take detour around the restaurant into Tower 101. When the door opened, a man in a suit called Kobe told them to tread lightly. There was a zombie in the kitchen feeding on a corpse. But to reach the rooftop of the restaurant, they had to go through the kitchen.

Just as the three of them approached the kitchen, the zombie picked up the smell on Ashley's body. It turned around and charged at them. The three of them picked up anything that was lying around them as weapons.

Kobe explained, "As long as you damage its head severely, you can destroy their nervous system."

Kobe blocked the zombie's sharp teeth with a trash can as Olivia jumped out from behind, with a knife and rammed the blade into the zombie's eyeball. The zombie seemed to slow down, and Ashley took the opportunity to behead the zombie. After the zombie was killed, they ran up the stairs into Tower 101.

To be concluded...

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