Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Barbed Wire Walker review

Walking Dead Wednesday is a mini mystery.

There are two things generally true about the Walking Dead Mystery Minis: one, each series is based on a season of the TV show one number higher (so Series 4, for example, has designs mostly based on Season 5); and two, the zombie figurines are based on ones seen in the show. So theoretically, this Barbed Wire Walker is meant to be one we actually saw during Season 5, but darned if we can figure out which one. Because a third thing that's true is you cannot do any kind of search involving "walking dead" and "barbed wire" without every dang result being about Negan.

(And side note: how annoying is it that Funko seems to have given up on this line before ever getting to do a Negan? Glenn and Abraham are both in the In Memorium series, but Negan and Lucille are nowhere to be found. It's a shame.)

As the name implies, this zombie is all tangled up in barbed wire. His left arm is pinned against his body, while the right is free. He's wearing a tank top and tattered pants, but has no shoes. There are loops of wire around each thigh, below the right elbow, and two on the face: one going in his mouth, the other over the right eye. It's a very distinctive look, so you'd think it would be easy to find screenshots of its inspiration. There's blood on the Walker's skin, and his black hair is falling out in patches. One of the wires on my figure missed its paint app, and had to be customized - see if you can tell which one!

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