Horror Classics Mystery Minis - The Mummy review

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This year's Universal Monsters Mystery Minis had a tough row to hoe. Not because they weren't seasonally appropriate, but because there were already some Universal Monsters Mystery Minis - not a full series, and not in the same style, not all the same characters, but definitely Universal Monsters. Like the Mummy, here!

Part of Horror Classics Series 3, Imhotep shares that line's cartoony aesthetic. The 2019 monsters all had semi-realistic caricatures of the actors, but this is pure stylization, with its large blank eyes, thick brow, and almost total lack of a nose. The skin is sculpted with lots and lots of small wrinkles, matching Boris Karloff's makeup, and making him look unspeakably ancient. Since this is The Mummy and not his civilian identity Ardath Bey, he's posed in a twisted, aching pose, with his left arm held near his chest and his right leg dragging as he walks.

The Horror Classics were done in color, not black and white, but it's very hard to tell with the Mummy - his skin is gray, his bandages are gray, his hair is white... if not for the large golden scarab ring, it'd be questionable whether this was color or not. There are tan lines around his eyes, but those don't stand out very much, either.

The Mummy was available in a 1:24 ratio, swapping his spot back and forth in alternating cases with Jason Voorhees.

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  1. Tom G. Wolf says:

    One of my faves from this series. I hope we do get a proper S4 eventually, and hopefully an Ardeth Bay in there.

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