Fantastic Four Marvel Legends: Mr. Fantastic review

Who's your science-daddy?

Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist with the ability to stretch his body into any shape.

And that's why Sue will always choose him over Namor. Well, that and love.

Unlike Johnny, Reed does not get a different body than his Walgreens exclusive used, but that's to this toy's credit: the slender, not-overly-toned body works perfectly for a guy who would spend his entire life in a laboratory if outside concerns didn't keep interrupting him. Plus, they went to all the trouble of molding this new torso, so they might as well get some more use out of it. Rather than swappable arms to portray his powers, he's got extra hands with super creepy stretched out fingers. They're hideous! [And again, why Sue loves him --ed.]

The figure's head is new, because this toy represents the way he currently looks in the comics, and the way he currently looks in the comics is that he has a beard. It's a strange look for him - Reed has always had such a "1950s TV dad" vibe about him that seeing him looking like a hobo or drifter just strikes the wrong chord. Paradoxically, having it makes him look younger, even with the grey hair on his temples.

This series has a Build-A-Figure; that Build-A-Figure is the Super Skrull; Reed's piece of that Build-A-Figure is the right leg. That's all? Other people are getting multiple BAF arms and add-ons, and yet Reed only gets a single leg and no accessories for himself? Hmph.

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