Transformers BotBots Face Ace review

Allegedly, the Science Alliance faction of BotBots come from "the science store." What is a science store? Is there really a place in the mall just selling test tubes and lab coats and so forth? Like, there's a Rue 21, a Claire's Boutique, a place where you can buy a cyclotron, a Foot Locker... that doesn't seem right. Even back when malls were healthy, that was the kind of stuff you had to order from a catalog, not pick up in person.

This is definitely something you'd use for science, a pair of safety goggles. Expect to see this mold reused in the future as a sporty pair of ski or scuba goggles, a VR headset, or possibly a sleep mask. The goggles are translucent blue - the first BotBot to get translucent plastic - with light blue paint around the rim and serving as straps(?) on the sides. The toy is about twice as thick as a real pair of goggles would be, but we're Transformers fans - we can deal with a little unreality. Seeing (what will be) the robot's face just peering straight up from the top is a lot weirder.

BotBots no longer come with instructions, or anything other than a checklist of the entire series. So we can do is assume you're meant to rotate the legs down, pull the arms out to the side and flip them over, pull the head out, fold it up to the top, then push it down so there's no neck.

Safety always comes first with Face Ace. She knows that when you're doing a science experiment it's very important to protect your eyes. And the rest of your face. And everything else! She advises bots wear gloves, goggles, and even a helmet wherever they go... just in case. She might seem paranoid, but she's heard plenty of stories about what can happen to bots with the proper safety equipment. Her motto: be safe, and keep your face in place!

She really does look better with a neck, honestly. And this isn't even a case like Fancy Flutter, where the toy was just photographed wrong: the art shows her sans neck as well. The "clear blue with a pale outline" colorscheme and the shape of the legs combine to make her look like a Tron Recognizer. Her eyes are just two large yellow dots, but the face and arms get silver paint apps.

Face Ace is only available blind-packed, as #24.

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  1. Jamoseph Joseph says:

    Maybe a Discovery Channel store?

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