Baby Yoda fights fires

If you're feeling down, here's some heartwarming news.

A 5-year-old named Carver saw the firefighters on TV trying their hardest to save the west coast of America, and sent them a little helper:

Thank you fire fighters. Here is a friend for you, in case you get lonely (heart drawing)

a firefighter carries Baby Yoday through the woods in a backpack

The firefighters have made the toy their mascot, carrying him with them on jobs and taking pictures of him in "action".

a firefighter rests with Baby Yoda sitting in his helmet

the team of firefighters pose with their tools and Baby Yoda

He gets to help with laundry, he goes on helicopter rides, and he's with the team as they're out there trying to get ahead of the flames.

Baby Yoda in the woods with firefighters as they dig a fire break

Baby Yoda looks out the window of a helicopter

He even helps check people for covid!

Baby Yoda holds a digital thermometer to a man's forehead

All Baby Yodas are cute and have vast potential, but one is already a hero.


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