Snap Ships: Dawn of Battle

Today we answered your requests and reviewed the Snap Ships K.L.A.W. Scarab. PlayMonster has an entire video series to promote the line:

First of all, how is the animation that good? This isn't some chintzy Flash-based thing, it's actual good CGI. The heck!

There's a new episode Friday afternoons, so we'll keep updating this as they come.

That's the end of Season 1. We'll be interested to see if the line is successful enough for the story to continue into a second season.

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2 Responses to Snap Ships: Dawn of Battle

  1. Chris says:

    These toys are available on Amazon too if you are looking for more. A nice range between both “factions”.

  2. pharmadan says:

    Intriguing, I think I'll have to try some of these out.

    You folks gonna review any other sets? Or should I just wing it?

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