Plunderlings: Hatchlings review

The problem? Plunderlings come with a bunch of extra heads and hands. The solution? Something incredibly creative!

When NECA wants to let you do something with extra heads, they sell you a set of plain black posts, because they have a whole variety of different characters and body types; Lone Coconut, on the other hand, only has one type of creature so far, so they were able to do better, creating baby Plunderlings that have just hatched.

The Hatchlings were unlocked when the Kickstarter reached $83,000, and are available in every color of the unlocked Plunderlings. For $5, you get a body with no head or hands - just like digging any random ditch in New Jersey!

The Hatchling stands 2¼" tall, so it's definitely smaller than the normal body, but it actually gets some articulation: swivel/hinge shoulders! This probably would have been fine as a solid piece, but giving it shoulders makes it even more fun. There's a little pot belly, and the legs are bent slightly - the weight is resting mainly on the right leg, with the left leg trailing out a little farther to the side.

Any of the hands can fit into the wrist-holes - either the open or gripping hands included with the figures, or the alternate fists you can buy separately. And honestly, since each Plunderling comes with two bonus heads, you might want to buy two Hatchlings and the extra fists to make three complete figures. It'll be like you have a complete little tribe of them, all in a matching color! I only got one of each, because The Economy, but even that is fun. And honestly, between the tiny bodies and the big ears, it's like Mando finally found Baby Yoda's people.

Getting a bonus figure is way better than getting a plain post, and instantly makes your Plunderlings collection better.

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