Final Faction: Kharn Synthoid Accessory Pack exclusive reviews

As mentioned in today's review, the Final Faction Synthoid doesn't have any accessories, but he does have a dedicated Accessory Pack. Sold for the same low $1 price as all the other toys, the accessory pack has four new pieces. And because there's literally nothing about this line that's halfassed, the back of the package explains what they're called and what they can do.

Battle Arms
Energy based, shoulder mounted cannons that increase the Synthoid long range attack capabilities. Auto targets biological enemis. High accuracy, high damage.

The Battle Arms are reminiscent of the weapons on War of the Worlds' tripods, stretching up over the Synthoid's shoulders... or scalp... to aim forward. They're smooth, curving to a point at both the front and back with a bulge in the center and three horizontal vents on the top. The armored bits are styled to match the texture of the torso, while the supports that hold them up are more like the muscles of the limbs - they're not painted, but you could customize them if you like. The pieces plug into large holes in the Synthoid's back.

Trap Arm
Gives Synthoid additional dexterity, increasing ability to grab and hold enemies.

The Trap Arm is a right-handed copy of the left arm, so it's got a hand. Dextrous indeed! If you want a fully plain Synthoid, there ya go! Can they morph their arms into different weapons, or are they grown/assembled in certain configurations? It's up to you and your imagination! I don't have any of the other Kharn yet, but the hands do look like they'd be able to hold the other guns.

Needle Arm
Close range combat attachment. Gives Synthoid the ability to inject nerve toxins into enemies, temporarily rendering them immobile.

Since the replacement right arm was normal, the replacement left arm gets to be wild. The "needle" part of the Needle Arm is more like a gigantic spike, which raises the question of how it injects anything without stabbing all the way through it. There are serrated bumps along the top and bottom edges of the arm, while the sculpt in the middle looks like stringy flesh that's been pulled out and shredded. It's super unpleasant, and totally awesome!

The Synthoid's arms just fit into the body with large round pegs, so they're easy to swap out. The way they're designed means left will always be left and right will always be right, but that's fine. Like we said, the accessory packs cost the same $1 as the figures, so technically a fully equipped Synthoid costs twice as much as any other Final Faction release, but that's hardly a deal-breaker; buying those two sets will give you at least eight different options for how you want to display them, if not more. Hard to beat that value.

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6 Responses to Final Faction: Kharn Synthoid Accessory Pack exclusive reviews

  1. Pharmadan says:

    I just snagged a few of these guys cause of your reviews. They remind me if the M.A.R.S. Heroes aliens and robots.
    The big aliens are great and the mech is sweet even more with the accessories pack. Hopefully the rest of the series can end up getting reviewed here.

    • yo go re says:

      Not all of them, no, but there's at least one more coming this month. Mainly now I'm waiting for Series 2, with the dog and the sniper and the Zartan-guy and that dune buggy, simply because I want to see what a toy vehicle you can buy for $1 is like.

      I'd probably get the mech if it was a little more articulated. I know that's not what this line is about, but it's SO boxy that it just looks like it should be, you know? I saw someone who customized one with joints cannibalized from Lanard figures, and it just looked so cool being able to pose a little more...

      • Pharmadan says:

        Was doing some googling and it looks like the vehicle is some sorta atv/buggy thing and will have its own accessorie packs for armor and weapons.

        The mech is awesome, it even has sculpted battle damage. Perhaps if the line does well enough they'll team up with some company like lannard to do fancier figures

  2. Josh says:

    Loving this line! Thanks for the reviews. Picked up all the members of the good guys. Could not find the bad guys though. My favorite thing is the thoughtfulness and details put into the line, like the bios on the back tgat you can cut out and save. Sgt. Steel is our fave.

  3. Ai Muhao says:

    I only regret that since I live in South-East Asia, there's no way I'll ever be able to even SEE any of these toys, let alone buy them. I'm glad that they're such good value for money, though.

    Like, it's impossible for me to army build Black Series Stormtroopers or the upcoming G.I.Joe COBRA Troopers since they cost roughly $30 in local currency, but like you guys keep pointing out in your reviews: USD$1. That'd be about $2 here. It'd be easy to quickly build a swarm at those prices. And combine that with this accessory pack, and you'd have yourself enough variety to claim the Tyranids have spawned new beasts.

    • Pharmadan says:

      I dunno if Dollar Tree has shipping out of the USA but you can snag these guys on their site, even entire boxes of 40 figures.

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