Ghostface is always being sneaky

Remember back when NECA released their Ghostface a decade ago, and the plan was to make the first wave with a softgoods skirt, and the second wave in full plastic?

Remember how that alternate version of him never came out?

Well, you remember wrong, because it turns out it actually did come out, albeit in perhaps the most limited, unattainable way possible.

The full-plastic version of Ghostface may have never shown up at Toys "Я" Us or anywhere, but it was included in a Limited Edition Gift Set release of Scream 4 on DVD:

If you're wondering why you never knew this? It's because the set was only sold in Scandinavia. So unless you happened to be shopping for home media in Oslo, you never would have seen it. It's good that NECA didn't end up losing the money they spent tooling that dress, but it's a shame most of the world never got a shot at it. Now what are we all meant to do for a good Ghostface toy? Hmm...

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