No true Mandalorian

Why is Bo-Katan so judgy about Mando being "one of those" who never take off their helmets when she dedicates her life to a magic sword?

The Empire and Mandalorians and natural enemies. Like the Republic and Mandalorians. Or Mandalorians and other Mandalorians. Damn Mandalorians! They ruined Mandalore! (You Mandalorians sure are a contentious people.) You just made an enemy for life!

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Personally, I found the funniest bit was when Boba Fett, upon learning that her endgame was the restoration of Mandalore, was something along the lines of, "That glassed over wasteland?!" It kind of reminded me of that gag in Austin Powers when Dr Evil'd reveal his demand for one million dollars, and Number Two would point out what a waste of time that would be since they already generate several times that amount _legally_.

    Wasn't there some mention that Bo-Katan's group didn't consider Jango Fett a 'true' Mandalorian?

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