Spider-Man: Morlun addendum

Today's review of Morlun said the character was part of one of ToyFare magazine's memorable jokes. Here it is:

Spider-Man and Wolverine are looking at their scripts. 

Spidey: Well this has been a thin slice of heaven, but according to my script I have to go stab a vampire with my claws and eat his face. 
Wolverine: Uh, I think maybe we switched scripts. 
Spidey: ...god, I hope so.

It then cuts to Aunt May serving Wolverine a big stack of wheatcakes.

That's from the story "Up and Adamantium," in issue #106. And if you want to read all about Wolverine's very busy day, you can do that here.

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  1. Scott says:

    wolverine eats faces? :O

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