Xevoz customs - part 19

Crikey, Vartomio Cain is back again already! And this time he's got three new creations:

Noble protectors of the world’s rivers and oceans; swift as a stream and strong as a tsunami. Scientists and alchemists still debate whether they operate as a single entity or separate soldiers. You may stand a chance against only one, unless it starts growing its infamous coral armor.

Love the alternate orca head, and the fire hydrant as a joke accessory. Not sure why the water man is a Breeze knight, though? Feels like he meant to change that.

Messengers and resource collectors for the hive, they report directly to the queen. Their wings are highly valued by the Arcasters. They can fly tirelessly for days and collect tons of food in a day. Don't be fooled, they're just as dangerous in the ground as in the air.

It's cute that his alternate head is just a caterpillar, and he's got baby wings. Plus, a butter knife for the butterfly? Jolly cracker!

These towering haunted trees stumble and bumble throughout Tombstone Island, tormented by the island's dry conditions. They prefer to hide in forests and graveyards until night comes out where the cold air makes them walk faster. Locals believe a dark wizard is responsible for their creation.

Xevox Groot! A camp torch as one of his accessories is a nice counterpart to the axe and saw, and the removable branch with a bird nest on it is cute.

Keep up the good work, Vartman!

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