Take a virtual tour of the Stikfas offices

Ever wondered if your favorite toymakers' workplaces are as fun as you imagine them? Well today you can take a look around one such office, thanks to Stikfas creator Mr. Bany J:

So you've read a lot about visitors from all walks of life coming down to STIKFAS™ HQ to visit and I'm sure you've lamented and longed to see the sights that we have to offer in our little abode. So Mr BanyJ decided to ease your sufferings with a little virtual tour of our HQ grounds. He took a camera and snapped numerous pictures of the different key locations in HQ, sights which he'd personally take visitors to. The first of these Mr BanyJ tours begins in the Museum Part One. Enjoy.

It's a very nice set-up, and even has a few surprises if you really look around in there.

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