The pure chaos of Funko Riddler reviews

Funko Friday

(skrunly spunblo) found this lil dude in the trash. picked him up and kept him inside and he wouldn't leave this emo guy I had in my room alone and kept saying how 'they were a team'. he is listening to Radiohead and he is content with the cheerios i feed him every morning

(seems like a great guy who would treat you well) i've never known what the deal with funkos was but this funko, he's a real cute guy. i think if he had a bts bias it would be namjoon. also i must say the the gloss on the back of his head to imitate the cellophane he used is amazing. definitely worth it!

(My daughter loves it !!) Bought thi for my daughter as she's obsessed with the character right now she was overjoyed !! Great value for the money (she does keep it in a jar tho... not sure why but who am I to question what makes her happy)

*photo of Riddler Pop with large false eyelashes applied to the outside of his glasses* The box was crushed but he's cute.

These last two are the McFarlane Toys figure, but they show the insanity is not just limited to Funko POP! fans:

*Riddler has been placed inside a blender* he means alot 2 me

*Riddler holding a tiny trans flag* yes

Have fun the way you like to have fun, you utter weirdos!

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