Well, happy birthday to us!

On August 20th, 2002, Poe announced to the world what we'd been working on for a few months at that point: a new action figure website. Originally just a collection of links to our reviews on Epinions.com, we soon began hosting our own content here. And now here we are in 2022, being officially the single oldest site still on the internet! [citation needed]

Over the past two decades, we've posted over 6,500 reviews, covering more than 9,500 individual toys, each post packed with more information than you can find anywhere else - no fill-in-the-blank, cookie-cutter reviews here. We've reviewed everything from the newest thing on shelves to the oldest thing in our toyboxes.

But we've also given you much more than that. Only at OAFEnet can you find Points of Articulation, the column that takes an in-depth look at issues affecting the toy industry, whether good or bad. You can get a laugh over in our Figuretoons, or argue the finer points of... well, pretty much anything on the Loafing Lounge. OAFEnet is your one-stop source for online action figure entertainment, and your #1 source for toy reviews.

With a full 20 years of history, we've outlasted the site that spawned us, sites that followed us, and the site that tried to copy our design. And we couldn't have done it without you, coming by every day to read our latest ramblings. Thanks, everybody; know that we appreciate you!

And a big special thanks to Carly Simon for writing and performing this song specifically about us and no one or no thing other than us:

So this is 20. Next year, we'll be able to drink.

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7 Responses to Well, happy birthday to us!

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Hahah. Happy Birthday, OAFE. I may not like every little bit of snark you throw our way, but I always trust your descriptions of a toy's good points and flaws.

  2. ridureyu says:

    Man, I've loved your site since 2002 or 2003. You're toy heroes.

  3. Davidcartoon says:

    Wow, happy birthday! I want to say I've been here since about 2005, maybe? I probably don't say it enough, but I love the humor, the in-depth tid-bits of knowledge, the consistency - thanks for being here.

  4. Wendy Grogan says:

    Happy birthday, everyone!! I've adored you guys for almost the entire 20 years and I really hope you don't go anywhere anytime soon!!!

  5. googum says:

    I don't tell you guys enough, but you are the best! You're a colossal resource and I hope you've got at least another 20 years left in the tank.

  6. AK says:

    Hey! Congrats! I haven't been here for the full 20, but it's awfully close! Also, I'm pretty sure this is my first comment. Anyway, you guys are the best, and I'm looking forward to you nerds begrudgingly starting a YouTube channel with links to 15 other videos in every review!

    Seriously, congratulations OAFE, you've been one of my favorite sites on the internet for almost as long as there has been internet! Thanks for all the reviews!

  7. Shriek says:

    I'm not even a collector but have been following this site near daily since I first had home internet in 2006. I just enjoy the review style and seeing how much the toymaking craft has evolved (and continues to evolve) over the years. Pretty sure it was one of the first websites I visited frequently enough to bother bookmarking. I was 16 /17 years old then. 33 now. Tempus fugit.

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