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As brought up in today's review, here, arranged by year of release, are all the classic Joes who had animal companions:

  • Mutt with Junkyard the rottweiler
  • Spirit with Freedom the eagle
  • Shipwreck with Polly the parrot
  • Snake-Eyes with Timber the wolf
  • Law with Order the German shepherd
  • Spearhead with Max the bobcat
  • Dusty with Sandstorm the coyote
  • Deep Six with Finback the dolphin

Not bad. For comparison, here are the five named Cobras:

  • Serpentor with a snake
  • Croc Master with an alligator
  • Raptor with a falcon
  • Voltar with a vulture
  • Gnawgahyde with a boar

And the three types of Cobra troopers:

  • Hydro-Vipers with devil rays
  • Undertows with barracudas
  • Desert Scorpions with desert scorpions

Basically, the Joe animals were characters in their own right, while Cobra just treated their animals like tools. Until Fiona.

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  1. James says:

    Er, Croc Master with a *crocodile*, not alligator, no? That's what it's listed as on the packaging, and the animal's teeth are visible while closed.

    Regarding the Croc Master review, I would think that a boot knife usually should store the cutting edge of the blade toward to the back so that when you reach down to pull it out with a forward grip, its cutting edge will face forward. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding and the review meant that it *should* be stored that way but isn't? The one video review I saw that showed the reviewer inserting it had the cutting edge facing forward.

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