"What If...?" Killmonger exclusive review

What if... Killmonger rescued Tony Stark?

In an alternate universe, Tony Stark is saved from the attack that would make him Iron Man... by none other than Erik Stevens, aka Killmonger.

This figure, an Amazon exclusive I didn't know existed until it popped up randomly in the recommendations, is simply the Tactical Killmonger (aka, "Vegeta Cosplay Killmonger") mold with new, cartoonier colors. Colors that just highlight the Vegeta-ness of it all. The camouflage pattern is different, but overall it's like they just took the color slider and turned up the saturation. And that's fine, that's basically how he looked in the episode. And he does have some new accessories: a new vibranium spear, and a pair of black claws to swap out with his human hands. Even though he only ever really wore one glove like this.

To fit with What If...'s animation style Killmonger does need a new head. He was still voiced by Michael B. Jordan, but the show didn't go for a photo-realistic look. This head still has that look of angry indignation (understandable, given his history) and the Terrence Trent D'Arby hair flopping over to the side, so it's instantly reognizable as Erik, it's just slightly cartoonier. And slightly redder, since that's the skintone they chose for him.

That's honestly all this figure has to offer: bright colors, gloved hands, a spear, and a cartoon face. Is that worth $28 to you? Because that's what Amazon is asking for it. No wonder the first one I ordered had been a victim of swapping, with a normal Tactical Killmonger and his guns in the tray when I opened it.

There is one hidden advantage to this release, though, and it's what made me order this figure in the first place. Remember in the final episode, when Killmonger and Arnim Zola were fighting for control of the Infinity Stones, and Killmonger armored-up? You can put this figure's animated head on the Infinity Ultron body and re-create that scene!

It's a slightly snug fit, but the balljoint will go on no problem. And it looks great! This figure not only represents an otherwise-overlooked episode, it also adds additional value to a figure you may already have. That's still not worth $27.99 + tax, but it's something.

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  1. Le Brusier says:

    I had no idea swapping could happen when ordering from amazon. How does that work?

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