I see a Warlock and I want it painted black

Today's Adam Warlock review discussed the lack of color on his movie costume. Here are some examples of what he would look like if some black was added:

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5 Responses to I see a Warlock and I want it painted black

  1. Robert J Roberts says:

    Looks 1000% better than the ugh-riginal.

  2. The gold on his suit was too close to his skintone. If they wanted to evoke his 70's look, they should've just left his limbs bare with a red tunic. Adding black really improves the design. Too bad he moved on to the generic GOTG uniform by the stinger.

    • Ai Muhao says:

      He did?! Dude, spoilers! Heh.

      But in all seriousness, I do wonder how that combination of blue and gold would look on a toy. I wasn't planning on watching GoTG 3 (I've pretty much tuned out of the MCU at this point), but from what I saw of the trailers it felt like the colours would clash in a Transformers Generation 2 Thundercracker kind of way.

    • Snemei says:

      That said the guardians usually got a costume change per movie so he could easily go back to something more distinct and comic based

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