Spider-Punk designs

As mentioned in today's review, here's what the design process for Spider-Punk involved:

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I haven't watched and have no interest in watching the Spider-Verse films (partially because I've grown to dislike Miles Morales thanks to Marvel pushing him as Spider-Man in 616 as opposed to giving him his own unique hero name), but Spider-Punk is one of those characters who just stands out thanks to his design. Like, even if you don't collect Marvel Legends or whatever, he'd look just fine rocking out on stage alongside, I dunno, KISS or something. Can see why they went with the design they did, I really dig the first and second designs, but the first feels... plain? and the second I'm sure the checkered trousers would've been a pain to do.

    Plus, I appreciate that he's not a Peter Parker Spider-Man (like Noir or the Spiders-Man are alternate Parkers), and has his own name like Miguel O Hara being Spider-Man 2099 (even though in-universe he's just "Spider-Man" thanks to being the only one of 2099).

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