The Young Bucks appear on WWE

As mentioned in today's review, Matt and Nick Jackson, the Young Bucks, received a WWE tryout, but didn't end up getting a contract. That doesn't mean they never worked with the company, though.

While the team of Miz and John Morrison were feuding with the remnants of DX, they cut a promo where they called Triple H and Shawn Michaels out to the ring. The music hits, the crowd stands up, and out come... well, see for yourself:

Yep, those are the Bucks wearing those officially licensed shirts and waving those officially licensed glow sticks. That was 2008, when the brothers were just starting out with Pro Wrestling Guerilla, but you can't say they never got a paycheck from Vince.

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6 Responses to The Young Bucks appear on WWE

  1. kev says:

    Looks like you need to add "AEW crosses over with Texas Chainsaw Massacre" to that Matt list.

  2. It's intriguing to learn about the Young Bucks' brief interaction with WWE, especially considering their immense success outside the company. Despite not securing a contract, their appearance in a promo segment adds an interesting layer to their wrestling journey. It's a reminder of the various paths wrestlers take in their careers and how even small moments like these can leave a lasting impact on fans.

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