Dungeons & Dragons: Zarak evolution

You know the deal by now. Here's Zarak's 1983 Shady Dragon Inn profile:

ZARAK Evil Half-Orc Assassin is heavyset (5'9", 240 lbs.) and has crafty dark eyes. He favors dark clothing and a dark blue hood so he blends with the shadows. ZARAK is half-orc, but acts like a full-blooded orc. His leather armor is dyed black, and he has a magical dagger that glows softly within 15' of hidden gems or jewels. ZARAK now hates PERALAY, though he was once PERALAY's friend: when the two of them were exposed to the rays of the Heartstone, ZARAK's cruel and evil nature was brought out while PERALAY's good nature was brought out. ZARAK wanted to steal the sacred stone, but PERALAY prevented him, and he has hated the elf since that day.

...compared to his 2021 incarnation:

Zarak is an assassin without honor or conscience. Unusually short of stature for someone of orcish heritage, he might pass for an ugly, beardless dwarf were it not for his rotting tusks and grayish pallor. The only thing he loves is money. He would never hesitate to stab allies in the back if they came between him and the riches he covets.

Since NECA was using that text, it would have been interesting if they'd taken more cues from that art, as well.

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