Dungeons & Dragons: Doric's stats

From the official D&D Beyond website, here are Doric's stats:

The tiefling Doric was taken in by a wood elf enclave in Neverwinter Wood after being abandoned as a child, and she guards her adoptive community with nature's ferocity. The Circle of the Moon has taught her to heed her primal instincts, which rarely lead her astray. She can be brusque, but she will fight tooth and nail for a cause she believes in.

Doric has joined the Emerald Enclave, a network of survivalists who tend to the balance between civilization and nature. When the Lord of Neverwinter targeted her woodland home for its resources, Doric rallied the resistance.

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  1. It took me a while to notice Doric's factory paint job was very different from her movie colors. The lovely box art where she resembles Cara Delevigne was based on concept artwork. Or did they just put a filter over her costume in the movie to make the toy look wrong? I am not okay with this! So I repainted her.

    Would the DADHAT toys have sold better if the owlbear was a BAF rather than a separate deluxe figure? Or the snubbed Sofina could’ve been a BAF. It's absurd they didn't make the movie's big bad for them to battle.

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