Dungeons & Dragons: Holga's stats

From the official D&D Beyond website, here are Holga's stats:

Holga Kilgore is a member of the Uthgardt Elk Tribe, and her strength and scowl conceal a generous heart. She's a woman of few words who lets her actions (and punches) speak for her. A fearsome combatant when her ire is up, Holga wields anything that comes to hand - from weapons to snacks. Her unwavering loyalty makes her a fierce defender of allies, particularly her best friend, Edgin.

After Holga was exiled from her clan, she wandered unmoored and craving connection. Now that she has forged a new home with Edgin and his band of thieves, she won't lose another family without a fight.

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  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Man, the DnD movie has to be a good example of how bad PR can really tank a film. I don't play DnD myself (but I like collecting the books because of the lore), but my sister is an avid player. The trailer looked interesting enough that I was planning to see it with her, but then that business with the OGL soured her on the film and I was put off by an interview where the director or writer talked about "emasculating the male characters".

    She eventually went with a group of the DnD friends (and said, as mentioned in the review, it was a perfectly serviceable film), but I don't have so much free time I'm willing to risk wasting a couple hours on a film I may not enjoy. I really have to schedule something like going out to the movies these days, so if anything crops up in an interview that even hints I may not enjoy it, it's really easy to just not bother. Something similar happened with Rise Of The Beasts.

    (What was really amusing was that I only learned about that OGL stuff when I wanted to surprise my sister with the big Gelatinous Cube toy, and when I unveiled it she reacted by wincing and asking, "You didn't hear about what's happening with Wizards of the Coast, huh?" She still kept it because, dude, Gelatinous Cube!, but she's not interested in any of the movie characters, so I didn't bother importing them in like I did the Cube or the Dicelings)

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