Ehn, I can't believe that sonuva--

Today's review was Fred J. Dukes, The Blob. Being fat and angry, he looks a lot like South Park's Eric Cartman.

In honor of that, we were going to use this space to share "Block Cartman Beats," a long-ago relic of the pre-filesharing internet. Basically, it took the Chemical Brothers' 1997 "Block Rockin' Beats" and edited a bunch of sound clips from the early seasons of South Park over the music.

We were going to, but we can't.

Logically, we expected someone to have put the song on YouTube. Or, if its less-than-copyright-friendly nature prevented that, on Dailymotion. Or Vimeo. Or any number of other hosting services, for either video or just music.

And yet, it was nowhere. The closest thing was a YT video by "Sauter Sonic Labs" that did in fact feature a mix of Chemical Brothers and Cartman, but only minimally - it was missing almost all the actual voice clips. That's not good enough for us to share with you!

According to The Napster Comedy Wiki, "Block Cartman Beats," aka "the Cartman Rap," is considered lost media, with all surviving copies cutting off after only a minute and forty seconds. That's a far cry from the song's actual running time of 4:15.

How do we know that number? Because yo still had a saved copy of the file he got 1998. Here, in its entirety, is the no-longer-lost full version:

Right click, Save As, keep your own copies and share them around. Upload it to YouTube and Spotify. This does not deserve to be something lost.

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