Poe - Top Ten Toys of All Time

There are no new reviews since last time, so I thought I'd throw this up - it's a list of my (current) top ten toys of all time.

  1. Grimlock (Transformers, Generation 1)
  2. Millennium Falcon playset
  3. He-Man (the 1981 original)
  4. Boba Fett figure (original)
  5. Godzilla '62 (Bandai 1983)
  6. Kargosaur (Gaiking, Popy Shogun Warriors)
  7. Rancor (original)
  8. All four TMNT (originals)
  9. Wolverine (very first ToyBiz version)
  10. Weed Killer (1990 Swamp Thing line)

A lot of them are obvious, such as the Star Wars stuff, but a few are a bit more esoteric.

Grimlock needs no explanation - I mean, it's a toy that turns into a robot and a tyrannosaurus rex. What red-blooded American boy wouldn't want that?

I was a big Godzilla fan as a kid, and I was very lucky that my parents took the time to trek out to Mr. Big Toyland in Waltham, Mass. and drop $20 or more on imported Bandai Godzilla toys. These were much better than the hard rubber things Imperial was putting out (though they were also more fragile - the Godzilla '62 that currently resides in my toy shrine is my third).

Kargosaur is a special case. Back when I was a wee tyke, there was an anime series called Force Five (I think) that used to come on. It was a rotating collection of various anime series. My favorite was a show called Gaiking, and the Kargosaur - a.k.a. "Space Dragon" - was the highlight of both the show and the Popy Shogun Warriors toy line. My young parents spent the $25 they'd been saving for Valentine's Day on this thing to get it for me when I was three or four. Twenty years later, they took out a second mortgage on the house, I think, to get me a new one as a surprise Christmas present (the original having long since vanished).

The last oddball on there is Weed Killer. This innocuous figure - resembling a green-skinned janitor in an orange jumpsuit - served as the perfect henchman to many of my villainous action figures. It was an odd little design for a random character from a relatively obscure toy line based on an obscure superhero, and even now I have a very soft spot in my heart for ol' WK.

Of course, we invite everyone to share their own top ten lists on our message board, the Loafing Lounge.

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