Quitcher Bitchin'

What the hell is wrong with people? Every time any little bit of news comes out, the fanboys start pissing and moaning about how awful it is, no matter how little information they might actually have.

This bile tsunami has been around for a while ("oh, X-23 doesn't deserve a Marvel Legend, wah wah wah"), but it's really started to get bad now. I think it happened around the time the Hasbro/ToyBiz deal was announced.

Suddenly, every whiny bitch with access to a keyboard found their way online to talk about how Marvel Legends was dead, how Hasbro was going to ruin the license, et cetera. Everybody was judging the toys before they'd seen them. Hell, before anyone had seen them. They hadn't been made yet. The fanboys were reacting to nothing. But logic didn't matter to them. Hasbro had Marvel, Legends was dead.

And then it turned out that wasn't the case. Those of us who actually waited for real news were proven right - the numbering was restarting, but that was it. Hasbro would be continuing ML.

"But wait," they said. "The figures suck! The line-up sucks! Hasbro's blown it!" Except that they were wrong again. The first line of Hasbro Legends was planned, designed and sculpted by the ToyBiz folks. If the deal hadn't gone through when it did, they would have been ML16. So the blame, if there was any, couldn't fall on Hasbro. But did that stop the bitching? If you think it did, you haven't been paying attention.

Now Playing 3 was next, when pictures of the production samples showed up. The photos were crap, and you couldn't see any detail, but the fanboys didn't let that stop them from bitching. A few days later better pictures surfaced, proving that the figures weren't as bad as they claimed. And still they bitched, because they weren't as good as the prototypes. Well duh, nothing ever is. What they hell were they expecting?

And now, the latest is Hasbro's second series of Marvel Legends. ToyFare just published photos that, given the production schedule of a print magazine, were even older than what we saw at SDCC this summer. And the fanboys' immediate reaction? "Hasbro ML2 sucks? Wow, didn't see that coming..." It's hard to convey a big eye-rolling dismissal in plain text, but that certainly manages.

The complaints this time? Paint apps, and one bad facial sculpt. And when you point out that these are old photos, and they have no right to judge the final figures based on those? The fanboys ignore it, and go on with their bitching.

What's with the negativity? Toys are better now than they've ever been, and they get better all the time. But any little news comes out, and the fanboys make up some phony complaints just so they can bitch about it, nitpicky about minor, inconsequential stuff that's probably not true any more any way.

So cheer the hell up, toy fans. Enjoy your hobby, and wait for real information before you complain about it. And for frak's sake, quitcher bitchin'!

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