Flippin' Through Previews - December '06

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover.

The listings start on page 407, with a listing for Ultra Shadowtek Batman figures, 8" super-articulated characters from The Batman. What? The interesting part is that the picture to go with the listing is of the normal, small line, and has pictures of Killer Moth and two versions of Robin in among the many Batmen. Hooray for a new villain! Still haven't seen that new Joker anywhere.

A new set of Sigma 6 Commando figures is listed here, too. Frontal Assault Duke, Sky Strike Snake-Eyes, Sky Blade Storm Shadow, Grand Slam, Tactical Ops Long Range and Tactical Ops Kamakura. Think the ninjas will have wings, like Duke and that blue B.A.T.? It'll be interesting to see what gear Long Range has this time.

Hasbro's Spider-Man Origins: Villains get a few pictures on page 409. We already knew that Demogoblin would be a repainted Hobgoblin, but we get to see three others now: Rhino is a repaint from Spider-Man Classics, Lizard is that crappy mold that's been getting re-used since the '90s, and Doc Ock is a repaint of the Marvel Legends one, done up in Ultimate Ock's costume. Mysterio and Venom are not pictured.

Shocker Toys finally has their GWAR figures listed, on page 410. Note to self; find out if Shocker has any review samples to send out. Next to that we have the resculpted SOTA Street Fighter figures, and below that is Black Cthulhu.

DST's new Buffy figures, Drusilla and Oz, are listed on page 413. Jumping on the BAF bandwagon, each of them comes with one part of The Judge. Sadly, to build him, you have to buy all the variants, and Principal Wood (page 418). And the figures all look like crap. Find the Clayburne Moore ones on eBay, instead.

Also on page 418, a ST:TNG two-pack: "All Good Things" Data and Geordi. If you're looking to complete the group from tihs episode, this is a Previews exclusive set.

Another Previews Exclusive is the Stargate SG1 Replicator Carter figure on page 420. She's a robot! Weapon hands! She was sculpted by Jean St. Jean, and looks really good.

More Superman Returns figures? Why? The movie sucked out loud, and the toys were worse. These are taken from the videogame, though, so we get guys like Mongul and Metallo. That might be worth it, but only if you see them in stores - Previews lists the price as $10.99. Yikes!

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