Legendary Heroes series 3 surprise

We got this photo from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). He or she had occasion to visit ToyBiz Marvel Toys recently, and caught this quick picture with his (or her) cellphone:

As the reader writes:

"Sorry for the poor quality, but I had to take this quick. If you can't tell from the pict, that's Hell Boy, and the top says he's in [Legendary Heroes series] 3. And Pending Licenser Aproval [sic]. The fingers POA is Spidey Hulk type!! Ultimate POA!!! 2nd page shows removable coat + gun."

The second picture (page 2, presumably) was blurry and washed out by the flash, so we don't have the trenchcoat and gun photos to show you. But still, Hellboy control art? Articulated fingers on the Right Hand of Doom? Very cool. They'll probably paint a BPRD logo on the t-shirt. No word on what the LH3 BAF will be, but Hb will probably come with a small piece: he's a big character. You figure the head, maybe?

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2 Responses to Legendary Heroes series 3 surprise

  1. Jesse Falcon says:

    Cool April fool's joke!

    We never generated art that looks like that....Plus if you look at it that's "movie" Hellboy. And I think that Mezco or Gentle Giant is doing that line


    Jesse Falcon

    • yo go re says:

      Yeah, that's what I get for trying to draw Hellboy from memory, and using the Hercules body as reference. But still, given our our track record with April Fools' jokes, you should get started on trying to poach the "comic" Hb license from Mezco. Heh.

      In all seriousness, thanks for the kind words...

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