Flippin' Through Previews - April '07

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover.

DC Direct has two new 13" figures listed on pages 124 and 125 - Batman and two versions of Batgirl - one in grey, one in black.

Four figures based on Superman: Last Son are listed on page 128. Bizarro, Superman, Zod and Ursa. Supes and Bizarro aren't too impressive, but the Phantom Zoners looks nice in their grey jumpsuits.

Fans of Shazam will like page 129 - almost the whole Marvel Family in one series. The standard Mary Marvel is in a red costume, with a variant in the more recognizable white. Great planning, DC.

The sixth wave of DC Minimates is listed on page 130: Wonder Woman/Cheetah, Supergirl/Bizarro, Sgt. Rock/Blackhawk and Stars and STRIPE. Very cool.

Three pages of McFarlane's Simpsons movie figures begin on page 163. None really look too impressive, and they seem to be relying too heavily on gimmicks: motorized action, sound chips, etc. Know what would be a better gimmick? ARTICULATION, STUPID.

Page 166 offers Spawn Kubricks. In a really cute move, they're (mostly) based on the first series of Spawn figures: Clown with a chicken leg, Tremor with a spring-loaded hand, Overtkill with a parking meter, etc. Neat!

Here's something stupid on page 167: a 12" Real Action Heroes Spawn. Why's that dumb? It boasts "15 points of articulation." Funny, everyone else can get twice that much in half the size. 15 is nothing to be proud of.

Pages 170 and 171: new Sports Picks. Hockey and football. Does anyone care?

Marvel Select has their second Marvel Zombies figure listed on page 191: Colonel America. With removable skullcap!

Holy crap! Is the Elektra bust on page 193 smokin' hot or what?

There's an ad for Marvel Zombies Minimates on page 198. they're not listed for sale yet, just advertised in advance. Look good, though.

Family Guy Series 8 is listed on page 454: Secret Agent Millionaire Astronaut Peter, Bathrobe Quagmire, Exercise Chris Griffin and Diane Simmons. Also from Mezco, South Park 6, with "Ming lee" Cartman, Nurse Gollum, Starvin' Marvin and Mr. Slave. Jesus Christ!

GI Joe Sigma 6 gets two listings here, as well: the Adventure Team includes Team Tiger, Team Croc and a few others; Kung Fu Grip has Flint, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and a Street Bike BAT.

There's a ton of Transformers movie product on page 456, but they still can't show any of it.

Buffy is getting in on the BAF action, with "The Judge" series 1 and 2. Buy six figures (which is actually only four characters) and build the Judge. Rocket launcher not included.

Everyone loves Frank Cho's artwork, unless they have some kind of brain disease. On page 460, you can get the exclusive Monkey Boy Cho vinyl figure. Expensive, though.

Marvel Toys' Legendary Heroes are listed on page 462. there's no guarantee these are going to be sold in real stores, so if you see a good deal online, jump on it.

A lot of Spider-Man movie figures are listed starting on page 464, but like we said before, don't buy any!

If there's anything cuter than the Skelanimals on page 466, it has not yet been invented by man.

Many Minimates manifest on page 470: the 24 Season 1 box set and Battlestar Galactica Series 2. Go, block figures!

On page 472, Trekkies can order Captain Picard with Command Chair. High-quality sitting action!

Stargate Atlantis is getting its own figures, as seen on page 476. Great sculpts!

Page 480 is good for Harry Potter fans, what with the big Harry vs. Voldemort diorama box set. Wonder if the statue moves?

We don't usually bother with the import section, but the Persona 3: Mitsuru Kirijyo pvc statue on page 502 is worth mentioning just because it's an anime girl that actually looks like a grownup, rather than an 8-year-old with tits. Japan is a messed up place.

NGE fans should check out the Revoltech Mass-Production Model Eva on page 513. Massive wings!

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