Don't support bad toys!

So, this is Web Slinger Weekend - the date when the Spider-Man 3 toys were finally released. Well, I hit up my local TRU and saw the big display in the front of the store. While I applaud the attention Spidey's getting, I have to urge you all not to buy any of the movie figures.

Want the Minimates? Sure, go for it. The Superhero Squad? Do it, they're awesome. But the action figures? No. Leave them on the shelves.

Why this hate for the new movie figures? Because they're the wrong damn scale. Hasbro is making a lot of nice toys, but they're all 5" tall rather than 6". That inch makes a big difference, and that's why you should ignore them. Yes, they're sculpted well. yes, the packaging is nice. But you know what?

They're too small!

We have collections, Hasbro. We've been buying Marvel Legends and DC Super Heroes for years now. We've been buying a 6" scale, and that's what we want. Yes, oil prices are going up. Yes, you want a low price point for a mass-market media push. Too bad. Spider-Man 3 is free advertising, and kids would buy the toys no matter what size they were - but collectors won't. By dropping that inch, you've cut off a big portion of your customer base. Get in touch with Mattel, and ask them how their Batman Begins and Superman Returns toys did. Or better yet, go look at the discount aisle in any toy store, and see what's still there.

You want Ultimate Kraven? Too bad, he's the wrong size.

You want a good Lizard? Too bad, he's the wrong size.

You want the new movie villains to fight your old movie Spidey? Too bad, they're the wrong size. All of them.

Hasbro really farmed this one up. So fans, I'm charging you with this mission: do not buy! Ignore the figures, no mater how cool they seem. Don't give in to temptation, just because you haven't bought anything in a while. Because if you do, they'll just keep making them. They're already planning for the Fantastic Four 2 toys to be 5". Do you want this cancer to spread, or do you want to help cut it out of the industry now?

Don't support bad toys!

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5 Responses to Don't support bad toys!

  1. Monkey Boy says:

    yeah screw these toys. i keep getting tempted by venom, but i realize new crappy things every time (example: no ankles!) ... plus the ridiculously varied price tag of between $5.99 and $9.99...hell with that.

    • Spencer Nuzum says:

      This does suck. I bought the Venom, just to give them a chance, and decided they were only worth stealing.(it's like Yo's proposed boycot, only better!) Now I also have Spidey and "New" Goblin. They're kinda fun, but tiny.

  2. Aries0083 says:

    I would recomend people go out and pick up the last 3 series of ML at KB's since they are 4.99 and come with a BAF, comic and Diorama. Do it!

  3. Bruno Chavarria says:

    The size change is completely stupid. It doesn't fit in with any of the other characters I have plus they cost more than any past series! It sucks because I really was hoping for a new Lizard and the Fantasticar looked damn good too. Now I won't be getting any of them.

  4. RM Radcliffe says:


    If the supposed ML series of SM3 figures comes out later in the year, I'll give them a shot, but these 5" figures will get NONE of my money (except maybe the 2-pack with the Symbiote, since it can be any scale).

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