You want a GI Joe Live Action Movie? Here it is!

If you want to get a quick taste of what a live action G.I. Joe film could be like, then look no further than this old commercial:

If you don’t know much about GI Joe, this commercial came about as the toyline was starting to focus on the gimmicks. Yep, the Joe train was almost off the rails. Don't get us wrong, we like gliders as much as the next guys but the figures were starting to be made in exclusively neon paint schemes. The Ninja Force line also seems cool on paper. Who doesn't love ninjas? Well too many ninjas can spoil the ninja soup. Plus the Ninja Force figures all had some stupid gimmick that ruined their poseabilty, one of the strongest points of the A Real American Hero line.

As for the quality of the live-action segments, you've got to love the appearance of Ninja Force Storm Shadow who looks like he can barely perform a roundhouse kick. Also, enjoy the look of Destro and the fact that they use the cartoon voice for the guy. As laughable as it is today, when we were kids we knew that GI Joe was heading downhill quickly and took anything we could get. Seeing a live Destro and Storm Shadow was a treat because the chances were that we'd never see a film with them in it and this commercial might be all we got. With the advent of the GI Joe film coming after years of no hope, it's safe to say that expectations at the moment aren't that much more than when they first aired this ad. As long as there are characters in recognizable costumes, fans should be at least mildly happy. Don't be some super nerd that must pick apart and hate on everything that is made based upon things that you like because it doesn't exactly match the perfection of what is in your imagination.

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5 Responses to You want a GI Joe Live Action Movie? Here it is!

  1. PrfktTear says:

    Haha… so cheesy its good.

    I wonder how many kids lost their figures when they launched those flying things and they just kept going…

  2. Pollinosis says:

    Is it wrong that I want the new movie to be like this?

  3. Pistolstarter says:

    It possibly could.

    But it looks awsome.
    I love the cheesey explosions!

    Can’t wait for the movie!
    Hope they got extream fire fights!
    Possibly even Chuck Norris!

  4. Great White Snark says:

    Sadly, I think there's a decent chance this commercial could be better than the film ends up.

  5. Esbat says:

    Thats right I won't cop fanboy blue balls if Cobra Commander doesn't have a lisp.

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