Human Alliance Sgt. Chaos addendum

In today's review of Icepick and Sgt. Chaos, we said that Hasbro had released bios for the Human Alliance characters on their Facebook page. But more than that, they released them in the form of GI Joe-style filecards! Here's Sgt. Chaos':

That symbol on the right means he joined Cemetary Wind, the asshole military guys from Age of Extinction.

Here are some of the other characters we've reviewed (click on the filecard to embiggen, or the figure to go to their review):

As for the rest, here are four new characters:

And three who each homage Generation 1 in different ways:

That's a lot of fun!

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3 Responses to Human Alliance Sgt. Chaos addendum

  1. yo go re says:

    So is his name Khensovan, or Khendsovan?

  2. Battle Catman says:

    Cemetery Wind reference in the toyline for the movie that came out BEFORE the movie they were introduced in?

    • Pink Parademon says:

      Yes. But these were all posted to Facebook earlier THIS year, so the crazier thing is that Hasbro took the time to create NEW info for toys from four YEARS ago!

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